Setting new standards in the real estate industry

Reasons to work with us

Space rental

We rent spaces for commercial use and together with the owner we convert them into high quality design apartments.

Designing the rooms

We plan the distribution of the rooms and equip the apartments according to our design.

Operate the departments

We manage departments and create a digital experience for the customer, from booking to departure.

Renting the apartments

We rent rooms to business travelers and tourists for days, weeks and months.

Subtract problems, multiply results

We manage your property professionally, and transform it into a premium product for the real estate market.

We develop a high performance temporary rental business, taking care of both the quality of service and the selection of guests. We generate a memorable experience for the guest and for the owner.

We transform the design of accommodations to maximize their market price.

Personalized Advice

Improve your investment with market research and tailored strategies to increase the profitability of your assets.

Maximize your income

We use algorithms and a specialized team to adjust prices according to local and international demand, improving your profitability.

Integral Service

We take care of the furnishing, management and maintenance of your property, guaranteeing a worry-free flow of income.

Flexible Model

Possibility to dispose of your property for personal use or sale whenever you wish.

Possibility of sale

We take care of publishing your property in real estate portals and work with real estate partners. We coordinate visits with potential buyers.

Reason to believe

We reinvent the temporary rental experience experience through a 360° service 360° service.


What our partners say

High performance

Attractive and guaranteed rent. No risk of vacancy and commercialization.

Performance Insurance

Long-term lease (up to 20 years). Guaranteed by cash deposits.

Very Flexible

We are committed to rent properties in Argentina and Paraguay.

Long-term retention of value

High quality design and clientele. Long-term object support.

Long-term collaboration

Advance planning security through Hestia.


Flexibility in locations

Multiple Apartments

No minimum number of apartments.

Partial Building

Rental of one or several apartments.

The entire building

Hestia as principal tenant.

We are everywhere guests look and book.

In addition to promoting your property on, we optimize and synchronize the listings on the main booking sites.

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Looking to sell a home in a popular vacation destination? We can help you market your property to potential real estate investors or put you in touch with an agent who specializes in vacation properties.

Find out what your home is worth and how much it could sell for in the current market.
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