Discover the Story of Hestia Stays: Transforming Spaces, Creating Experiences.

In the summer of 2017, Pedro Grampa, a young architect and entrepreneur, embarked on a journey that would shape his future. Driven by the desire to showcase his design skills and offer an unforgettable experience to guests, Pedro decided to rent out his apartment in Buenos Aires.

This initiative marked the birth of Hestia Stays, an Argentinean company with a clear focus on Latin America. Over three years, positive guest reviews propelled the business and projected the company’s expansion. The combination of a passion for entrepreneurship, love for architecture, and collaboration with a partner elevated Hestia Stays to new heights.

In 2021, Hestia Stays became the preferred choice for those seeking more than just a place to stay. Hestia’s short-term rental properties stand out for their minimalist and welcoming design, conveying calmness and harmony to guests. Every corner reflects dedication to detail and a pursuit of excellence.

Hestia Stays’ vision extends beyond providing exceptional properties. They aspire to be the leading company in short-term rentals in Latin America, distinguished not only by the unique design of their properties but also by the exceptional service provided to both guests and property owners.

Join Hestia Stays on this thrilling journey towards hospitality excellence. Welcome to homes that surpass expectations, welcome to Hestia Stays!

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